Audrey Hepburn with pet fawn “Pippin” in the supermarket, 1958
When Audrey was making her 1959 film Green Mansions, the animal trainer on the set suggested that she take her on-screen sidekick, a baby deer, home with her so that he would learn to follow her. Nicknamed ‘Ip’, the deer would cuddle Audrey and accompany her to the supermarket in Beverley Hills. (via Another Mag)


I’m not made of metal. Things will resonate in you and they will move you whether good or bad. But you can’t let that define who you are and you can’t let that dictate the path that you’re going to take in your life.”

Anthony Mackie ǀ Cosmopolitan (October, 2012).


You’re sitting in your room, unwrapping a cream-filled chocolate Tastykake. You’ve taken your insulin and you are prepared to conquer it’s sweet cheap goodness. As the wrapper peels away, your mouth begins to water; it smells so delicious. Just as you raise the scrumptious pastry to your quivering lips, out of the corner of your eye you see something moving. You turn your head to find a stranger peeping through your window. They crack it open just a pinch, and that’s when you hear them whispering, “are you able to eat that?” 

You put your hair up when you want to look your best. You think it’s more flattering. You’re wrong, of course. It’s a draw.


if i lay here

if i just lay here

would you lie with me and marathon the extended edition lord of the rings trilogy

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make me choose:
↳ anonymous asked: amanda seyfried or lizzie olsen?


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